Advanced 100% Automatic Inspection Solution for Labels & Narrow Web

Trusted and market-proven, with thousands of installations worldwide, AVT Helios is a superior suite of automatic 100% print inspection solutions designed exclusively for labels and narrow web printing.

Helios supports every stage in the production process via an innovative platform that serves the widest available range of print production workflows.

AVT Platforms Meet Global Needs

Robust 100% automated inspection solutions for label and narrow web printing, AVT Helios meets and exceeds growing market demands, delivering stringent process control across the entire print production process.

nstallable on any press or rewinder, Helios instantly identifies defects on labels as soon as they occur, reducing waste, enhancing production performance and providing 100% quality assurance. Your print jobs are verified – from setup through printing and finishing!

End-to-End Workflow Solutions All in One Package!

HThe Helios solution suite is uniquely designed to address each and every stage of the printing and production process.

The systems quickly and efficiently detect 100% of the defects in real-time, controlling the entire printing process, preventing customer rejection on all of your print jobs.

helios turbo hd

Recognized as the leading inspection system on the market today, Helios Turbo HD is designed to boost inspection efficiency and pave the way towards the future of print inspection and process control.

Using cutting-edge machine vision technology and image processing capabilities, Helios Turbo HD is a ultra-powerful platform that supports current and future converting equipment, regardless of machine speed, width or technology, to deliver quality results – every time.


Market-proven solutions, Helios S and Helios S Turbo are installed on hundreds of presses and rewinders at customer sites worldwide. Q

Quickly and easily integrated on any press and rewinder for inline quality assurance and process control, Helios S and Helios S Turbo support any type of production workflow and quality standards.

Robust and reliable, the systems effectively handle even thick embossed metalized foils, as well as highly-reflective holographic foils and laminates.

Value-Added Productivity On-Press

Value-Added Productivity Rewinder

• Significantly reduces waste and production costs.

• Detects developing defects in real-time.

• Decreases over-printing/re-printing.

• Boosts overall productivity and efficiency.

• Delivers 100% quality assurance.

• Automatically stops at defect location.

• Enables fast and easy roll clean-up.

• Eliminates customer rejections.


Easily installed on any digital press, Helios D immediately identifies defects, such as missing nozzles, spots, substrate damages and color changes as soon as they occur.

The process effectively reduces waste, enhances production performance and over time, provides comprehensive inkjet print head status monitoring. Further, Helios D is designed to work seamlessly on any application and substrate from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals, label stock to transparent film, or on any highly-reflective foil

Changing the Face of Quality Assurance & Process Control

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