Fully digital servomotor control for presses old and new

The Mercury system provides an automated, full, digital solution for ink controls. On the press, digital servomotors – each with its own built-in microprocessor – set ink keys with unsurpassed precision. At the console, the operator works at an intuitive touch-screen display that allows him to perform critical inking adjustments in seconds. Even operators with limited pressroom experience can accomplish color make-ready with 30% to 50% less wasted time and materials, compared to working with manual controls.

Over 25 years’ experience assures the right solution for your press

Mercury automation is ready to improve productivity on virtually all types of presses. AVT has supplied proven solutions for a wide range of press models – sheet-fed or web, litho or letterpress; whether the press is as narrow as 20cm or as wide as 180cm. And, Mercury is ready to adapt to a variety of blade styles, ranging from continuous to fully-segmented and laser-cut. Choose the blade design that is best for your application.

Digital servomotors deliver the most accurate ink profiles, for pre-sets and re-runs

Mercury motorization has always been accomplished with programmable digital servomotors. More than 25 years of press room operations have proven the superior accuracy of servos. Because of the microprocessor on-board every Mercury servomotor, advanced capabilities for control and maintenance are standard in every system. At the end of every motor move, each individual servomotor confirms its successful adjustment back to the operator’s console.

This ongoing bi-directional status check allows the operator to work rapidly, with full confidence that every adjustment is happening on demand. Accurate, reliable motor control is the foundation of effective digital pre-setting. Repeatability is also essential to dependable recall of stored profiles for repeat jobs. In the Mercury system, the motor’s built-in intelligence is working to automatically counteract mechanical backlash and sustain a reliable ‘zero’ position. Yet maintaining Mercury’s motorization could not be easier, because this advanced, on-board intelligence is packaged securely inside a modular assembly that mounts and dismounts with just two small screws and a single plug-in connector.

Automated controls make-ready faster and maintain color more accurately

  • Automated control of inking on the whole press from an easy-to-learn touch-screen.
  • Highly accurate digital automation saves 30% to 50% of start-up waste and time compared to manual controls.
  • Optional CIP plate image previews deliver faster, more accurate ink key pre-sets.
  • Quickly store & recall a virtually unlimited number of jobs, using the built-in hard-disk memory.
  • Hundreds of proven designs allow quick, reliable upgrades for virtually any letterpress or litho machine –sheet-fed or web.
  • Optional operator consoles can be customized to suit the actual key spacing on any press.
  • Available as an upgrade to GMI Microcolor II and Microcolor I+ systems.
  • Control multiple webs from a single console, or install optional ‘client’ stations anywhere along the press line.
  • Optional Closed-Loop connections to AVT's Clarios on-web spectral measuring systems.
  • On-line service diagnostic and updates available with high-speed Internet access.

Intuitive operator’s controls dramatically boost productivity

Setting color from a Mercury workstation puts an end to time-consuming walking up and down the press line (or climbing up and down towers). With a quick tap on the touch screen, each ink key can be adjusted in precise, 1% increments. Ink profiles can be copied from alley to alley, or from unit to unit, in seconds.

The automated short cuts that create these efficiencies are handled easily, using simple, on-screen operations that operators will master quickly. Taken as package, these benefits provide very quick returns on investment. Typically, when a manually controlled press (or an older press with outdated electronic controls), gets the benefit of a Mercury solution, make-ready waste drops by 25 – 45 percent. And overall running waste improves too, by as much as 10 percent.

Optional digital pre-setting creates even more savings

The Mercury system is designed specifically for today’s digital electronic workflows. When connected to the optional CIP Interpreter module, the Mercury screen displays images of the next job’s plates and uses that digital data to compute the most efficient ink key positions for the press start. This digital assist lets even inexperienced operators ‘pull up’ new jobs at nearly 80%, or better, of final, best color.

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