Agfa Graphics’ breakthrough range of Avalon B8-24 S/XT thermal platesetters is based on the reliable external drum architecture and proven fibre-coupled laser technology of the Avalon N, to breach all records of cost effectiveness.

The Avalon B8-24 S/XT is a robust output device with on- or offline processing. It delivers unmatched imaging results in combination with Agfa Graphics’ thermal plates and guarantees maximum plate production consistency. For maximum productivity and autonomy, the Avalon B8-24 comes with an optional automatic plate loader. The seamless integration with industry-leading Apogee workflow will deliver affordable high quality plate production for your commercial, packaging and publishing printing business.

Technical Specs

IMAGER B8-24 S Series B8-24 XT Series
Models: 64 beams 96 beams
Imaging System: 64 channel Fiber coupled 96 channel Fiber coupled
Laser technology: 830 nm Thermal Laser Diodes
Recording system: External drum
Resolution: 1200/2400/2540 dpi
Maximum plate (lead edge x wrap): 1060 mm x 830 mm (41,7” x 32,7”)
Minimum plate (lead edge x wrap): 450 mm x 370 mm (17,7” x 14,6”)
Thickness: Maximum: 0,3 mm (12 mil) - Minimum: 0,15 mm (6 mil)
Imaging size - max * reduced throughput - see remark on Throughput: 1060 x 806 mm (grip 12/12mm) - 1060 x 810 mm (grip 8/12mm) *
Approved Agfa Graphics plates: Azura TS, Azura TU, Azura TE, Amigo TS Thermostar P970, Energy Elite, Energy Elite Pro, Energy Elite Eco
Plate loading
Manual loading: Yes
Automatic loading: Yes by JLA (Job Level Automation) - Max. 50 plates
Single cassette Autoloader: No
Multi cassette Autoloader: No
Plate Unloading
Manual unload: Yes
On-line processor (OLP): Yes
OEnergy Elite Pro 1030 x 800 mm plate, 2400 dpi: 23 pph 18 pph when using small grippers 30 pph 25 pph when using small grippers
* Throughput affected by plate sensitivity, screening and other factors. Contact your Agfa Graphics reprensetative for more detail.
Dimensions (WxDxH) Including Built in bridge: Not available
Dimensions (WxDxH) Including Built in bridge: 2500 mm x 1820 mm x 1453 mm (98,4” x 71,7” x 57,2”)
Approx. Weight Including the Blower: 945 kg (2083 lbs) 960 kg (2116 lbs)
Temperature range
- Recommended
- Required:
21° C to 25° C (70°F to 77°F) - 18° C to 26° C (64°F to 79°F)
Humidity range: 40% to 70% RH (non-condensing)
Power: 1ϕ 200 - 240V 30A 4,0kW

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