Designed for high-volume printing, simplified platemaking and uncompromising quality, Azura TU outperforms every other plate in its class.

The Azura plate was launched in 2004 and has been winning prizes ever since. Why? Because it’s the only truly chemistry-free platemaking system. Agfa Graphics’ ThermoFuseTM technology is characterized by particles in the aluminum plate coating that fuse to each other and bond to the plate when the plate is heated. This creates a solid ink-accepting image, capable of printing 150,000 copies in one run.

Azura TU covers all sizes of sheetfed presses from B2 up to sheetfed format 6 and 7 for book and display printing. It also serves the fast growing web-to-print applications that are printed on VLF sheetfed presses.

Not only does Azura TU raise your platesetter productivity. It also eliminates process variables and thus guarantees more reliable and consistent results. Another benefit to this technology is that it’s environmentally friendly, as chemicals are unnecessary and water consumption can be reduced by up to 95% compared to conventional prepress systems.

Key Benefits

  • More reliable, consistent results thanks to the advanced ThermoFuseTM technology.
  • High-volume printing: up to 150,000 copies in commercial sheet-fed printing.
  • Easy on the environment: no chemicals and water usage reduced by up to 95%.
  • Faster platemaking as a result of high plate sensitivity.
  • Easier handling thanks to the daylight immunity, scratch-resistant surface and strong image contrast.
  • Features

    True chemistry-free

    As the image formation is a physical process, there is no need for developer or replenisher. No chemicals mean less disposal costs, a safer work environment and less waste.

    Long bath life

    In combination with the Azura CX clean-out unit, an extremely long gum bath life of up to 7,000 m² reduces equipment maintenance to an absolute minimum.

    Water Saving

    When switching from conventional processing to Azura TU, a water reduction of more than 95% can be realized, as no rinse water is required anymore.

    Run Lengths of up to 150,000 Copies

    Azura TU puts the power of chemistry-free production into the hands of the most demanding sheet-fed commercial printers. Run lengths of up to 150,000 copies are now in reach with one single plate.

    Fast Platemaking

    A plate sensitivity of 160 mJ/cm² allows for more than 50 B1 plates per hour. Azura TU guarantees maximum CtP plate throughput on most commercial CtP platesetters.

    High Quality

    Azura TU is made of high-grade aluminum, allowing the delivery of prints with a razor-sharp image quality, up to 240 lpi.

    Simplicity and stability

    As the Azura TU plate is cleaned out with a simple pH-neutral gum, there are no changing processing parameters like temperature, conductivity or bath life. This results in a reliable and consistent image quality.

    Standard operating procedures

    Thanks to the unmatched image contrast and excellent daylight stability, standard operating procedures apply. The gum-protected aluminum shows excellent lithographic behavior.

    How it works

    Unexposed Azura TU plate

    The single-layer coating contains ink-accepting ThermoFuse™ pearls.

    Exposed Azura TU plate”

    The coating absorbs energy from the 830nm imaging head. The ThermoFuse™ pearls fuse firmly to each other and bond strongly to the grained and anodized aluminum base.

    Technical Specs

    Plate type: Negative-working, chemistry-free ThermoFuseTM offset plate
    Substrate: High-quality grained and anodized aluminum
    Spectral sensitivity: 830 nm (Thermal laser diode)
    Plate sensitivity: 160 mJ/cm²
    Platesetter compatiblity: Compatible with most common 830 nm external drum thermal platesetters
    Image contrast: Excellent. The plates can be measured with all available densitometers and plate readers.
    Plate sizes: Standard sheet-fed and web sizes
    Resolution (depending on platesetter and screening algorithm): Sublima: 1-99 % at 280 lpi at 2400 dpi - FM 20 (Crystal Raster) at 2400 dpi
    Gauges: 0.15 mm, 0.20 mm, 0.24 mm, 0.30 mm, 0.40 mm (0.006”, 0.008”, 0.010”, 0.012”, 0.016”)
    Run length (depending on printing conditions): Up to 150,000 dependent on press conditions. Up to 10,000 with UV inks
    Shelf life: 24 months
    Clean-out gum: Azura CX gum
    Bath life: Up to 7,000 m²
    Clean-out unit: Azura COU CX85, CX125, CX150
    Clean-out unit speed: 1.6 m/min. in CX85, CX125, CX150
    Daylight resistance: daylight
    Room conditions (T, RH): Up to 48 hours in full daylight
    Room conditions (T, RH): 18-24 °C (64-75 °F), < 70% RH
    Storage conditions: Ambient temperatures below 50°C / 50°C not to be exceeded for >24 hours
    Optimized Agfa Graphics’ Pressroom Chemicals
    Plate cleaner: Antura CtP plate cleaner
    Overnight plate cleaner: Antura clean gum
    Deletion pen: KP010 - KP011 - KP012
    Desensitizer: PlateEtch Plus
    Scratch remover: Reviva plate
    Fountain solution: Azura TU is compatible with all Agfa Graphics fountain solutions
    Roller and blanket wash: Azura TU is compatible with almost all Agfa Graphics roller and blanket washes
    Storage gum: RC795 for short-term plate storage after printing - RC73 for long-term plate storage after printing

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